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We think we're good at what we do, but don't just take our word for it, here's a selection of what our clients say about us and our work.



The system has made a positive contribution to the hotels operational setup. It appears to have quickened up the communication between housekeeping and front office as well as management interacting with one another. The staff in general “love” gadgets so they fully endorse it, although the room attendants were somewhat skeptical in the beginning. This could have been because of lack of know-how and fear of “big brother is watching you”. All in all it seems they have crossed that hurdle and are fully supporting it now. My personal favorite is the lost and found function. It makes people accountable and gives me the opportunity to see what was found, where and when.


Werner Peterseil

Manager Directo

We are very happy and pleased with both the training as well as the system implementation. The system is surprisingly easy to use and the functionality is designed around our requirements. We are working with our team in order for them to broaden the usage of the system. I have most definitely seen the positive impact the system has on Housekeeping, Maintenance as a well as Lost property departments.


Jacques Heath

General Manager, 54 on Bath


The system itself is great. One cannot think, after using it for less than a week, that we got along without it. Communication has improved ten-fold and productivity as a result of that. I feel “on top” of my business in terms of housekeeping now at all times. Maintenance has also benefitted and I am looking forward at improved GUEST Satisfaction scores as result. I fully support and endorse the system and will make recommendations to our Head Office that it should be adopted in all our hotels.


Danie Smit

General Manager, Protea Hotel by Marriott


We have already seen the section size go up at Fire & Ice Melrose arch from 12-14 rooms per day and Holiday inn Rosebank from 14-16 rooms per day. This system is great and the cleaners LOVE it. Thank you so much for being patient with us and assisting us.


Lindie Neuhoff

Regional Manager, Afriboom CSG


Omni Hotel has really made a difference within my department as well from an operations point of view. Omni assist me in numerous  areas in Housekeeping.


Kim Singh

Executive Housekeeper, Holiday Inn

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